Our Sustainability Reports

Paroc sustainability reports

The Paroc Group reports on its sustainability on an annual basis. The report conforms to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and describes our approach to sustainability and our economic, social and environmental impact on stakeholders, communities and the world at large. Our first Book of Sustainability, published in November, 2012, included the years 2009-2011; our second report was for 2012 and was published in April, 2013; the third, for 2013, was published in April, 2014. Our fourth Book of Sustainability covers 2014 and was published in April 2015. As with the previous report, it follows application level C of GRI G3.1 guidelines. The fifth Book of Sustainability discusses the most material themes to our stakeholders and business in the year 2015. The latest sustainability report covers the year 2016 and for the second time, the report content was defined according to Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 principles.

Paroc Sustainability Report 2016
Paroc Sustainability Report 2016

Paroc Book of Sustainability 2015

Paroc Book of Sustainability