Sustainability is Our Key Driver

Paroc sustainabilityToday most people understand that human activity is the first and foremost reason for global warming. Greenhouse gases and other emissions affect the atmosphere and cause a change in temperatures, sea levels and precipitation patterns. These changes can be mitigated by our own actions.
Sustainability requirements are driving change among our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and end users. The change is both a significant opportunity and a huge challenge. Paroc wants to be at the forefront of this change.

Over the years, we have aimed at both short- and long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability by developing operations with a focus on resource and energy efficiency. In more recent years, we have started and participated in several projects dealing with everything from our products’ environmental impact to knowledge on how to build energy-efficient houses and how to make energy-efficiency renovations as cost effectively as possible.

We can proudly claim to have pioneered both low-energy house concepts as well as cutting edge concepts for cost-effective energy refurbishments. As we develop our offering, we aim to reduce the energy use in the built environment – without forgetting aesthetic values. The built environment consumes 40% of all energy in the EU. This presents a huge opportunity for solutions that make a difference.

We develop our solutions so that they align with the sustainability needs of our end users and customers. The challenge is huge and the opportunities even bigger. We have embarked upon our path of sustainability, step by step. On these pages you can review where we are at, what we’ve achieved so far, and what our goals are for the future.

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Paroc Sustainability Report 2016
Paroc for a sustainable built environment - Paroc Sustainability Report 2016 

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