PAROC Energywise House. An energy efficiency concept.

As new building regulations focus more on energy efficiency than ever before, the demand for information and recommendations about how to build and renovate energy efficiently has been growing. Paroc’s Energywise House concept meets that demand.

The PAROC® Energywise house™ conceptIt gives advice and instructions about what you can do to reduce the energy consumption when building new houses or when renovating. An energywise solution means that higher requirements than those stipulated in the building regulations are fulfilled, which is a good investment for the future. So, when you want to build energywise, think PAROC Energywise House.

The concept consists of four energy efficiency options: Low-Energy, Passive and Near Zero energy buildings, Plus-Energy for new buildings, and Energy Optimised solutions for renovations. However, the Plus-Energy buildings are still currently rare.

Energywise buildings can bring savings of up to EUR 50,000 over 25 years (that’s equal to the cost of a new car) and may achieve resale prices up to 30 % higher in comparison with standard houses.