The Innova Project

Innova – an innovative method to carry out energy efficiency renovations on multi-storey buildings

The Innova Project - a new, innovative method to carry out energy efficient renovations on multi-storey buildings

As new building regulations focus more on energy efficiency, the demand for new renovation methods and solutions has been growing.

In the Innova project, a typical multi-storey house from the 1970s was renovated to become more energy efficient and to meet the Finnish Passive House requirement. This means that the heating energy demand after the renovation is max. 25 kWh/m²a. The four-storey building, originally constructed in 1975, is located in the Peltosaari area in Riihimäki and has 33 rental apartments and a day-care center.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The passive level energy refurbishment solution of the Innova project in the Riihimäki pilot building enables the reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions by up to 75 tonnes per year for a typical target building. This is the equivalent of driving around the world 11 times in an average car.







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New facade

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Passive House Concept

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