PAROC Marine Mat 35 AluCoat

PAROC Marine Mat 35 AluCoat
PAROC Marine Mat 33 AluCoat is a non-combustible stone wool slab for thermal insulation on ships. The product has a reinforced aluminium facing.


Updated 12 Oct 2015

Certification Number

Type-Examination (Module B) certificate No. VTT-C-11347-15-15 issued by VTT.

Nominal Density
35 kg/m³

Surface temperature of the facing must not exceed +80°C (temperature restriction determined in accordance with heat resistance of adhesive).

PAROC stone wool products are capable of withstanding high temperatures. The binder starts to evaporate when its temperature exceeds approximately 200°C. The insulating properties remain unchanged, but the compressive stress weakens. The softening temperature of stone wool products is over 1000°C.


Width x LengthThickness
Width 900 mm. Lenght 4450 - 7800 mm depending on thickness. mm50 - 100 mm
In accordance with EN 822In accordance with EN 823


Package Type
Plastic packs on pallet

Fire Properties

Other Fire Properties
PropertyValueAccording to
Fire Classification (IMO)Non-Combustible IMO FTPC Code Part 1
Surface Flammability (IMO)Low flame-spread charasteristics IMO FTP Code Part 2 and 5

Thermal Properties

Thermal Conductivity
PropertyValueAccording to
Thermal Conductivity in 10 °C, λ100,039 W/mK EN 12667

Moisture Properties

Water Permeability
PropertyValueAccording to
Water Absorption, Short Term WS, Wp≤ 1 kg/m² EN 1609
Water Vapour Permeability
PropertyValueAccording to
Water Vapour Diffusion ResistanceMV2 EN 12086