We recommend a reverberation time of maximum 1.5 – 2 seconds at frequencies between 500 – 4000 Hz depending on the size of the swimming hall.

Good speech intelligibility is needed for instructional situations. A low noise level is also required so that alarming sounds and signs can be easily noticed. Be aware of the possibility of flutter echo between two parallel reflective walls. A space without furniture does not stabilise the sound field, so an acoustic ceiling is not enough. Install acoustic slabs also on the upper parts of the walls. Mechanical protection of the soft slab has to be considered when installing products to the wall. Also ensure the corrosion resistivity of installation systems.

Acoustic solution, swimming hallInstall acoustic slabs along the entire ceiling surface and, if possible, partially to two walls. Wall acoustic panels have to be installed above the splashing height. A ventilation gap behind the slabs is needed to avoid moisture accumulation on the acoustic material layer.

Recommended products: PARAFON Hygiene, Paracem

Bathrooms often have reflective floor and wall materials. Therefore, install soft absorbing ceilings to reduce the echoes. Showers, air ventilation, corrosion and moisture condensation have to be considered in acoustic design. Install water-vapour resistant absorption material to cover the entire ceiling surface. For suspended ceiling solutions, include ventilation openings to ensure that moisture can escape from the cavity above.