Accessories for PAROC panel solutionsParoc offers a wide range of versatile accessories, including fasteners for fixing the panels and flashings, profiles, flashings as well as sealants and insulation. Paroc’s accessory range covers the following items:
  • Screws for fixing panels to steel or wooden frames. Lengths vary according to panel thickness.
  • Spikes for fixing panels to concrete frames. Lengths vary according to panel thickness.
  • Drills
  • Profiles for panel fixing and window installations
  • Flashings
  • Screws and rivets for flashing fixing
  • Various sealant strips and sealant compounds for sealing foundations, frames, joints and flashings
  • Insulation strips for joints
  • Insulation board for fire protection of fixings

Design your project according to our standard details so that we can, along with your panel order, provide an overall estimate of the quantity of accessories needed in your project.