Installing PAROC sandwich panels is quick and convenient.Installing PAROC panels is quick and convenient. The panels are light, practical and can be installed in almost any kind of weather. Because the panels come completely finished, no wet trades are needed after installation. Moreover, Paroc Panel System provides delivery and installation documents that help you prepare everything from the installation to the site logistics.

PAROC® Installation Aid

Ensuring quality and a safe working environment when carrying out installation is becoming increasingly important for an effective construction process. Paroc now offers a number of new aids for safer installation:

  • Clamping tools – rented per project
  • Safety line – rented per project
  • Rain protector – purchased in rolls of 6.5 metres

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Contact our regional sales office to rent the equipment.

Effective site logistics

To help you plan actions on your building site, Paroc Panel System provides installation drawings with coded panels and package locations before panel delivery. With our detailed installation instructions, appropriate accessories, project specific detail drawings and start-up training on site, installation is fast and easy.

Panels in order of installation

Paroc Panel System uses architectural drawings to create panel drawings of all panels, including cutting lengths. We use this plan to then produce the required installation and package drawings. We pack the panels in the order of installation in durable packages. When needed, our factory can manufacture special-cut panels to order.

Safe lifting equipment

Use safe and tested LiftAid lifting tools to make panel installation more efficient. With the handy and patented tools PAROC panels can be lifted in horizontal and vertical installations. Contact our local sales office for the rental of the tools.

Installation partners

Ask Paroc Panel System’s sales personnel to recommend experienced installation companies in your area with hands-on training in installing PAROC panels.