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Paroc news archive

17 May 2017 Paroc certified for Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort® GOLD
19 Apr 2017 Paroc's 2016 Sustainability Report published
15 Feb 2017 Administrative Court dismisses Paroc Oy Ab's appeal concerning taxes imposed related to transfer pricing
14 Mar 2017 Business Unit Russia integrated into Business unit Building Insulation effective from April 1st, 2017
13 Sep 2017 Fire Safe Europe: Defining moment in Europe as European Parliament holds first debate on Fire Safety in buildings
05 Jul 2017 Fire safety lies beneath the surface
25 Jul 2017 DGNB blog interview with Kari Lehtinen: Customers, employees and business partners help us leverage the power of sustainability.
20 Nov 2017 Make your plastic insulation fire safe - with PAROC® FireSAFE products
23 Nov 2017 More than insulation. Paroc introduces dedicated accessories to its regular offer
30 Oct 2017 Owens Corning to Acquire Paroc Group
29 Mar 2017 Paroc announces entry into new credit facilities
13 Mar 2017 Paroc announces launch of new credit facilities process
15 May 2017 Paroc announces refinancing of its fixed rate notes
09 Jan 2017 Paroc celebrates its 80 year anniversary
10 Jan 2017 Paroc Group commences cooperation negotiations at Oulu stone wool factory
27 Feb 2017 Paroc Group FY2016 financial statements published
06 Oct 2017 Paroc Group invests in capacity expansion in its Trzemeszno plant, Poland
02 Mar 2017 Paroc Group to shut down Oulu stone wool factory
10 Oct 2017 Paroc launches new 40% lighter Marine solutions
10 Oct 2017 Paroc renews BES 6001 certification for Responsible Sourcing
02 Feb 2017 Paroc offers a Finnish sauna experience to visitors of Lahti2017 Championships
18 Jul 2016 2015 was a turning point in the climate change discussion - Paroc continued efforts to decrease its environmental footprint
09 Sep 2016 FM 4881 approval for PAROC AST E exterior wall panels
02 May 2016 Come and see us at IEX 2016!
08 Feb 2016 Jari Airola appointed Senior Vice President, Building Insulation
15 Jan 2016 Johan Magnusson appointed Senior Vice President Technical Insulation
15 Apr 2016 Paroc trains Tipcheck engineers to support the industry in saving money, energy and CO2
15 Jan 2016 Paroc Group announces a change in the management team
18 Oct 2016 Paroc customers to benefit from investment in Trzemeszno (Poland) factory
23 Mar 2016 Paroc establishes ethical reporting channel
14 Dec 2016 Paroc Group Oy divests its Paroc Panel System business.
14 Dec 2016 Paroc divests its Panel System business
29 Feb 2016 Paroc Group FY2015 financial statements published
03 Jan 2017 Paroc Group Oy merges into parent
22 Aug 2016 Paroc Group Quarterly report Q2 2016 published
25 Oct 2016 Paroc Group Quarterly report Q3 2016 published
20 Jan 2016 Paroc Group to sponsor the Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
15 Mar 2016 PAROC Hvac GreyCoat product family
21 Oct 2016 Paroc named Global Insulation Company of the Year 2016
19 Apr 2016 Paroc publishes its sustainability report 2015
10 Jun 2016 Paroc transforms renovation with a sandwich panel installed directly on top of an existing façade
08 Feb 2016 Paroc Group announces a change in the management team
13 Jan 2016 Paroc at Swissbau in Basel 12.-16.01.2016
30 Oct 2015 Paroc launches the most energy efficient stonewool panel in the markets
15 Sep 2015 Paroc Group announces a change in the management team
27 Feb 2015 Fire Safe Europe brings together firefighters, top politicians and experts
11 Jun 2015 Healthy acoustic conditions are a necessity in hospital environments
06 May 2015 Paroc Panel System is launching new aids for safer and easier installation
03 Jul 2015 Paroc awarded the British certification BES 6001 for Responsible Sourcing
30 Sep 2015 PAROC Delign enables a continuous, seamless line on exterior walls
23 Mar 2015 Paroc Group announces a change in the board of directors
13 Feb 2015 Paroc Group announces completion of the acquisition by CVC Capital Partners
20 Aug 2015 Paroc Group Quartely report Q2 2015 published
24 Nov 2015 Paroc Group Quarterly Q3 report published
30 Apr 2015 A year of fire safety and increased energy efficiency featured in Paroc Group’s sustainability report 2014
16 Dec 2015 Paroc Group hopeful for positive effect from conclusive COP21 agreement
28 Jan 2015 PAROC Linio 10 Awarded as Lithuanian Product of the Year
11 Feb 2015 PAROC<sup>&reg;</sup> Panel Design application for Revit modeling
05 Oct 2015 Paroc receives Global Insulation Product of the Year Award
30 Nov 2015 Paroc sponsors Sibelius' 150th anniversary year's highlight event Jean Sibelius Violin Competition
26 Jun 2015 Paroc Group announces a change of auditors
29 Apr 2015 Paroc Group FY2014 financial statements published
26 May 2015 Paroc Group Quarterly report Q1/2015 published
26 Feb 2015 Paroc Group Quarterly report Q4/2014 published
18 Aug 2015 High quality standards for materials used in Bavarian brewery
14 May 2015 Public swimming pools require high performance products
09 Feb 2015 Reliable panel solutions for ventilation rooms
04 Feb 2015 Paroc Group announces cancellation of €4,000,000 Fixed Rate Notes.
27 Mar 2015 Paroc Built-On facilitated the facade for the award-winning Skandion Clinic