Code of Conduct

Paroc Group Code of Conduct

Ensuring responsible business practices, the Code of Conduct and various other ethics policies guide how all our employees at Paroc work and interact with stakeholders, from extraction of raw materials to delivery of our solutions and services, in all countries we operate in. Responsible business policies and guidelines are well integrated into our business practices and we have a strong culture that supports ethical conduct.

Corporate Code of Conduct sets out the minimum required conduct in areas, such as transparency, fairness and integrity, legal compliance, the environment and human rights. We place similarly high expectations on our suppliers and partners.

Reporting ethical concerns

Since February 2018, Paroc is a part of Owens Corning. Should you have a genuine concern with Paroc’s conduct, please report it through Owens Corning’s Business Conduct Helpline. Please note that a professional response will respect the rights of all parties.