The materials you choose to line walls and ceilings can significantly affect the spread of a fire, and its rate of growth, even though they are not likely to be the materials first ignited. This is particularly important in circulation spaces where lining would cause the fire to spread the most quickly, and where rapid spread would be most likely to prevent occupants from escaping.

Several properties of lining materials influence the spread of fire. These include the ease of ignition and the rate at which the lining material gives off heat when burning. The guidance relating to the European fire tests and classifications helps to control the internal spreading of fire spread by controlling these properties.

Acoustic solution, schoolsBuildings need protected corridors to protect occupants escaping in a fire. The fire performance of the boards and wall coverings that comprise the outer faces of partitions are subject to the guidance given in the local building regulations.

PAROC stone wool based acoustic boards are fire safe and suitable for all kinds of corridors.