The new B15 wall extension solution gives even more variety and flexibility in design and installation. Duct and pipe penetrations are included in the new lightweight solution.

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  • More variety and flexibility for making a B15 wall extension
  • Fix with fire springs or pins and washers
  • Pipe and duct penetration included in the solution
  • Maximum height of the wall extension as much as 2,2 m
  • No support structures needed
  • Only one product needed for the wall extension: PAROC Marine Navis Slab 100 AluCoat, 30 mm
  • Only one product needed for the penetration insulation: PAROC Marine Navis Wired Mat 60, 40 mm
  • No additional sealing required for the penetrations when insulation is cut correctly with no gaps around penetrations
  • Steel profile can be fixed directly on the deck or on the insulated deck

Following pipe and duct penetrations and cable transit can be mounted on B15 wall extension:

  • Copper pipes
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • PVC-C pipes
  • Circular ducts of thickness 0,6 mm with outer diameter 80-160 mm
  • Rectangular ducts in size 100x200 mm to 250x480 mm
  • Perforated steel cable ladder

Please see the certificate for more details (PDF)