Acoustics in Bank Branches, Helsinki, Finland

Acoustics play an important functional role in a bank. Customers and personnel discuss confidential matters to which no one else should be privy. Noise from outside the bank can also bother staff and customers. A workplace with an open plan office places huge demands on acoustic products and their installation.

The design firm Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Oy was well aware of this and opted to utilise PARAFON Royal Baffles in the bank, which are devices suspended from ceilings to reduce the strength of airborne sound. PARAFON Royal Baffles are referred to as "noise fly traps" and absorb sound excellently. The spacious environment in the bank could be retained by selecting sound baffles which perfectly suited the premises.

PARAFON Royal Baffle, dimensions 50 x 300 x 1200 mm

Project information

  • Room Acoustics
Year 2017
Country Finland
Address Itäkatu 1-7
City and zip code 00930 Helsinki

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