KOL & Cocktails, Malmö, Sweden

The restaurant concept KOL & Cocktails opened in Malmö in 2017. A place where you can start with a cocktail, order a meal from the charcoal grill and then step up the tempo later in the evening when the nightclub opens. In cooperation with Bornstein Lyckefors Architects, the old premises have been transformed into restaurant in a modern industrial vintage style boasting raw details combined with warm colours. The generous premises, covering an area of 670 square metres, allow for 140 seated customers and 75 in the bar area.

Products used:

Bornstein Lyckefors Architects has used Paroc’s PARAFON Step suspended ceiling, which they also helped develop. PARAFON Step is available in several variants, PARAFON Step for Grids, which is fitted to suspended grid systems and, as is the case here at KOL & Cocktail, PARAFON Step Direct, which is affixed to the suspended ceiling. PARAFON Palette (edge D2 with concealed grid system) in a dark green colour has also been used in the surrounding areas.

“We’ve long lacked a versatile product that works seamlessly with standard suspended ceilings and combines good acoustics, good fire resistance and generous design scope. Quite often, we just want to rip out the ceiling. But with Step, we have the opportunity to create something within the bounds of standard fittings, the budget and our own high expectations of the end result,” says Andreas Lyckefors from Bornstein Lyckefors Architects.

Joel Gödecke, an architect at Bornstein Lyckefors Architects who also worked on the project, says that there are two main reasons why PARAFON Step was used at KOL & Cocktails:

“The first is that it gives a muted yet varied backdrop for the restaurant. The second reason is that we developed Step together with Paroc and are very proud of it.”

KOL was named restaurant of the year during Malmö Citysamverkan’s gala in the year that it opened:

“The kitchen, the bar, the service, the music – all this interweaves to give a delightful experience in stylishly decorated premises with a Malmö twist,” the jury writes in its grounds for the award.

Project information

  • Room Acoustics
Year 2018
Country Sweden
Address Kalendegatan 16
City and zip code 211 35 Malmö

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