Restaurant Rest., Oslo

At the restaurant Rest. in Oslo the focus is all on recycling, it is a common thread throughout the concept. Not only when it comes to the food and the dishes it is served on. Also the ceiling is made of reusable material. The Acoustic slabs PARAFON Step is made of sustainable stone wool which enhances the room acoustics and has given the restaurant the sound environment they were looking for. The contrast between the natural raw structure of the stone wool on the visible edges of the acoustic slabs and smooth surfaces contributes further to the dynamics and variation and is a design feature by itself.


Down reused paths

Crooked and odd carrots. Crumpled tomatoes. Cod belly. Chicken feet. Kid and goat meat. Coarse fish you have never even heard of. The dishes served at Rest. in Oslo all have a common thread, which is recycling. And this does not just include what is on the restaurant menu, but permeates the entire concept.

“Our idea is to use as much as we can of every type of raw ingredient, but this has also been a part of the basic attitude of many generations of housewives throughout the ages. Dishes such as Coq Au Vin, Beef Bourguignon, or even a classic such as Bouillabaisse, were essentially made using left overs,” says head chef Jimmy Øien at Rest.

The restaurant interior is also characterised by recycled materials. Staff uniforms are made from fabric donated by Fretex. The tableware is recycled glass, clay, oyster shells and chicken bone. Sirkel delivered the recycled glass. Paroc supplied the sustainable stone wool ceiling above our heads.

“Neither Jimmy nor I had thought too much about the ceiling, but I am delighted we got in touch with Paroc. Everyone who has experienced the challenge of poor acoustics in certain places knows that a ceiling is not just a ceiling. Here, we have succeeded in creating a cosy, and muted, atmosphere in which we can also play the music we want. Sound, or lack of sound, is actually much more important than you would think,” says Øystein Ruud, initiator and chairman of the board. “We also think this is cool and a good fit. It’s an important part of the interior.”

Reinforces the space

The ceiling we are talking about is Paroc Parafon Step, a ceiling solution that offers unlimited possibilities for creating attractive and unique interior solutions.

“Parafon Step for grids is perfect for environments such as Rest. because it offers so many possibilities in terms of design and expression. I believe that it reinforces the interior decoration of the space here, while also allowing easy access to all technical installations above the suspended ceiling. Overall, I believe it reinforces the holistic experience of the space, and contributes to the interior design and decoration of the space,” says Geir Melby, Country manager at Paroc Norge.

To develop the ceiling, they worked together with the renowned architecture firm Bornstein Lyckefors, where the basic idea was simple; acoustic plates in nine different formats and thicknesses to create different height levels. This also offers infinite possibilities for combination, together with a free choice of colours.

Parafon Step is constructed from PAROC stone wool, known for its ability to absorb sound. In addition, it is 100 % non-combustible. The contrast between the natural raw structure of the stone wool on the visible edges of the acoustic plates and smooth surfaces contributes further to the dynamics and variation within the concept.

Using stone wool in plates of different thicknesses creates unique acoustics in spaces where many people gather simultaneously. This creates comfortable noise conditions for customers, as well as employees who spend long periods of time in this type of work environment.

“The Parafon STEP concept is perfect for premises in which you don’t just want the ceiling to provide a neutral base. Particularly premises such as restaurants, cafés, offices and hotels, where design and function are incredibly important,” says Geir.

Important properties of Parafon Step:

  • STEP DIRECT is glued directly to the substrate
  • STEP FOR GRIDS is mounted on suspended supports
  • Has the best sound rating: A-Absorbent
  • Fire rating in accordance with Euroclass A2-s1
  • Supplied with EPD (Environmental product declaration)
  • Free choice of colour, thickness and format: 18, 34 and 50 mm thicknesses and nine sizes

Project information

  • Room Acoustics
Year 2018
Country Norway
Address Kirkegata 1-3
City and zip code 0153 Oslo

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