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Colour and Shape

Of course it is good for the ceiling to be functional. But this does not have to be to the detriment of creativity and design. Ceilings can be both practical and very exciting!

A standard white ceiling installed in a grid pattern can often be the optimal solution. But sometimes this is chosen by default. Architects don’t want to be restrained by standardised solutions, but to have the freedom to choose between different materials, colours, shapes and even grid systems. And to be able to do that without costs being an issue.

A lot of people do not consider, or forget entirely, that the ceiling is an important part of the interior. In doing so they fail to see one of the room’s most important assets and opportunities. It is just great when function and aesthetics come together in the best possible manner.

Paroc has a wide range of products and is able to offer suspended ceiling solutions for any needs. If there is, for example, a request for a suspended ceiling with colours, images or particular shapes, this can be accommodated. Flexible production makes it possible to produce custom solutions.


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