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Education, Sport and Leisure

Poor acoustics and unnecessary noise can cause stress and fatigue, and make it difficult to concentrate. Of course we want to protect our children from this. In environments for education, but also sports and leisure, it is extra important to ensure a good sound environment.
Paroc offers sound-absorbing suspended ceilings and wall panels for acoustic regulation and noise reduction. We know that good acoustics in a school have positive effects such as better health and results from teaching.

Nursery schools and schools are a challenge acoustically. There are many things to consider such as student prerequisites and the need for communication or privacy. One room may be a hive of activity and the next somewhere quiet to work. In one room discussion and group work will be encouraged, and in the next people will want to sit undisturbed to work on tasks that require concentration.

Other rooms in schools such as cafeterias, assembly halls, group rooms and stairwells also have stringent requirements for good acoustics solutions. Not to mention gymnasiums, sports halls and sports arenas. Sports and club activities are an important part of many people’s lives, and large spaces where it gets noisy require durable and efficient acoustics solutions.
  • What regulations govern sound environments and what do they say about them?
  • What activities will take place in the space? Different activities have different requirements for the sound environment.
  • Good sound absorption and low-frequency absorption in particular are very important.
  • Never compromise on sound absorption in spaces for children and young people. A good sound environment promotes health and well-being, reduces stress and improves concentration and the ability to learn.
  • Select panels with a durable and washable surface material in exposed locations (PARAFON Clinic, Hygiene).
  • Select thick panels (40 mm) for good absorption of low frequencies.
  • Select impact-resistant and easy-to-clean panels on walls (PARAFON Wall Panel).
  • Supplement and combine with colours (PARAFON Classic Colortone).
  • Select removable products (edge A, E) that are easy to replace in the event of damage. In this way the suspended ceiling can be kept clean and intact.
  • Select fire-resistant suspended ceiling solutions with tempered grid systems and acoustic panels made of non-combustible mineral wool – particularly important in corridors and escape routes.