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Look up!

The quality of indoor environments is becoming an essential part of our general well-being. An important aspect of the indoor environment is the acoustic environment. The acoustics of a room affect people in many different ways, and studies show a clear correlation between exposure to noise and various health effects. The importance of a good sound environment is being noted more than ever before. The demand for good, attractive acoustic products has increased for both public and home environments.
The suspended ceiling perhaps does not play the leading role in a room. It is rarely what you notice first. Walls and floors often require more attention, not to mention fixtures
and fittings. But with creative and innovative ceiling solutions, more gazes are being directed up instead of forwards or down. Enhance the aesthetic even as you reduce the noise

Acoustic panels and suspended ceilings help you create a comfortable working environment and good room acoustics. Many people want standard white products, but why not live a little? Choose from various shades of white to any other colour or design. Create interesting suspended ceilings! Play with colours, sizes and levels. Or why not combine different types of products and installation methods? Perhaps try hanging acoustic panels individually? If an end-to-end ceiling is not an option, baffles suspended vertically might be a good solution. The sound levels in the room will be maintained even as the solution is made more exciting from an aesthetic perspective.

The possibilities are endless. There are more than you think.

Look up – at a suspended ceiling that catches both the light and your interest!