PARAFON Step for Grids

We have teamed up with Bornstein Lyckefors to continue developing the concept PARAFON Step, and can now present PARAFON Step for Grids. Objective being to present a varied and attractive suspended ceilings based on the same freedom and creativity as our solution for direct mounting.

The concept was launched at the world's leading event for Scandinavian Design - Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, 6-10 February, 2018.If you missed us at the fair, you can order a material sample and concept presentation or work with our design tool PARAFON Step Planning Tool to help you plan your next project.

PARAFON Step for Grids Material kit

Download the concept folder >
Order a material sample for PARAFON Step for Grids >


PARAFON Step Planning Tool


This tool will help you plan your next PARAFON STEP ceiling. Select Step version (For Grids or Direct installation), pattern and colour to configure your solution and see the result in a three dimensional view.

The planner allows you to play around with different combinations to find your preferred solution. 

Link to PARAFON Step Planning Tool >





Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in Stockholm, February 2018.

  Bornstein Lyckefors, skapare av konceptet PARAFON Step for Grids på Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018.    


Watch the movie from Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in Stockholm.

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Nordic Architecture Fair in Gothenburg, November 2017.


The product is already available for direct mounting. Read more about PARAFON Step Direct here >