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Armstrong Suspension Systems

Prelude T-24 XL²Image

Prelude T-24 XL²

Prelude T-24 XL² is a top quality Exposed 24 mm T- grid system. Fire punched, made of galvanized steel and coated with paint. Click system makes it easy and safe to install. Universal Prelude main runners are universal to 3 systems TLX, TL & XL².  Prelude is unique in being rotary stitched, so the main runner remains stable during installation. 

Prelude T-24 CRImage

Prelude T-24 CR

Prelude T-24 CR is an exposed 24 mm T-grid system. Special paint finish and TLX steel-based composite clip for enhanced corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance 700 hours salt spray test on grids according to EN ISO 9227 standards. Durability Class C (EN13964:2014).

Prelude T-15 XL²Image

Prelude T-15 XL²

Prelude T-15 XL² is top quality exposed 15 mm T-grid system. Fire punched, made of galvanized steel and coated with white paint. Less visible than T24 profiles in edge A installations or to be used with E15-edged ceiling tiles.

Prelude T-35 XL²Image

Prelude T-35 XL²

Prelude T-35 XL² is an exposed 35 mm T-grid system (nominal). For use in large shed type buildings including retail outlets, industrial manufacturing and meeting halls, etc.

Prelude T-24 Sixty²Image

Prelude T-24 Sixty²

Prelude T-24 Sixty² is an exposed 24 mm T-grid system (nominal). Double Peakform Main Runner section requiring less suspension points and compatible with Prelude T-24 XL² and TLX Cross Tees.

Clean Room T-24 XL²Image

Clean Room T-24 XL²

Clean Room T-24 XL² is a special aluminium grid system for clean room and non-magnetic environments. The 24 mm T-profiles are co-extruded with a unique factory applied gasket for a better seal between tile and grid. System suitable for use in applications up to particle cleanliness  class ISO 4 performance as per ISO standard 14644-1.

Silhouette 15 XL²Image

Silhouette 15 XL²

Silhouette 15 XL² is a design grid system. Exposed 15 mm grid system with 6 mm channel feature and pre-mitred intersections. For installation with edge E15 tiles.

Interlude 15 XL²Image

Interlude 15 XL²

Interlude 15 XL² is an exposed 15 mm grid system with double reveal feature. Interlude 15 XL² is a suspension system developed for creative ceiling solutions, and quick and easy installation.