Installation guidelines for suspended ceilings

 Acoustic installation

The ceiling system is made of PARAFON Acoustic slabs supported by a suspension system (main beams, cross tees and hangers) and perimeter moulding.

The integrity of the entire suspended ceiling depends on the hangers – commonly wires – used to support the suspension system main beams. Splice sections of main beams together and connect them with cross tees. The ends of the main beams and cross tees rest on the wall moulding which runs around the perimeter of the space.

 Prelude installed

Install perimeter trim

Allow at least 80 mm below the old ceiling, ducts, pipes or wiring as clearance to manoeuvre a lay-in panel into the opening of the grid. 
Mark the desired height for the new ceiling, adding the height of the wall moulding. Mark a level line around all three walls and snap a connecting chalk line on the fourth wall.

Attach the moulding securely. Joints between inside and outside corners of the moulding must be tight.

Install hangers and fasteners

Hangers need to be installed above the main beams typically at 1200mm intervals.

Snap a chalk line for each of the main beams. Attach hangers and wires to the deck above the first row of main beams at 1200mm intervals. 
Stretch a guide string from one end of the room to the other, below the moulding where the first main beam will hang. Mark the desired height for the new ceiling.

Stretch a levelling string from one side to the other.
Bend the wires at the height of the string so that the main beam is held at the correct height.

Wrap hanger wire securely around itself three times. 
 Grid installation

Install the first main beam

Install the first section of the main beam. (Cut the end so that a cross tee route hole is located the distance of the border in from the end wall.) 
Insert a hanger wire into a hanger wire hole near the other end of the main beam. Bend the wire up and wrap it around itself three times. 
Continue to insert all other hanger wires. Bend hanger wires at the height of the guide string.

 Grid installation, close

Install border cross tees

Find the location of the first border cross tee.
Place the end of the white face of the cross tee against the edge of the wall moulding at the side, and cut the cross tee where it crosses the guide string.

Insert the uncut end of the cross tee into the main beam, and rest the cut end of the cross tee on the moulding. (The far edge of the main beam should be directly above the string.)

Repeat the process for the next cross tee.

Temporarily fasten the cross tees to the wall moulding so they do not move.
 Grid installation, up

Square the grid

Join additional sections of the main beam as required to reach the other end wall. 

Attach hangers and check the level as the installation proceeds.
Use the leftover piece of the main beam from the first row to start the next row.

Install two 1200mm cross tees between the two main beams, in line with the first two border cross tees.
 Grid installation, up

Install remaining main beams and cross tees

Complete the installation of rows of main beams.

Note: If you have additional rows of main beams to install, stretch a second string from one side of the room to the other, aligning it with the first 1200mm cross tee as shown.

This second string will be your guide for cutting the remaining rows of main beams. Just measure from the end wall to the string to determine the distance for the first cross tee slot you will use.
You must line up all cross tee slots for the grid to be square.
 Tile installation

Install panels

Slightly tilt panels, lift above framework, and gently rest on cross tee and main beam edges.

Measure and cut border panels individually. 

Using a leftover cross tee or main beam section as a straight edge, cut panels face up with a very sharp utility knife.

Lighting and other fixtures

Lighting and other fixtures must be supported by the grid, not by the ceiling panels. Depending on the size and weight of the fixtures, extra hangers may be required. 

Prelude 24 , grid system

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   Quantities required per 1m2 (no waste included)
6. Tile Main runner centres  Hanger centres  1. Main runner 2. Cross Tee
1200 mm 
3. Cross Tee
600 mm 
4. Hanger 7. Universal Retaining Clip 
1200 x 600 mm
1.39 pcs
 1200 mm 1200 mm  0.84 lm  1.67 lm  -  0.70 pcs  5.56 pcs
 600 mm  1200 mm  1.67 lm  -  0.84 lm  1.40 pcs  5.56 pcs
600 x 600 mm
2,78 pcs
 1200 mm  1200 mm  0.84 lm 1.67 lm  0.84 lm  0.70 pcs  5.56 pcs
 600 mm  1200 mm  1.67 lm  -  1.67 lm  1.40 pcs  5.56 pcs

5. Perimeter Trim approx. 0,70 lm/m2

The chart is for general guidance only.